ThePetsDialogue.com aims to bring you all things pets in Singapore, we’re pretty sure from our tagline ‘Sniffing Made Simple‘ you would get it almost instantaneously.

It has been a crazy journey coming to this point, the next phase of scaling. The team has spent a good two and a half months, almost three, out there speaking to the community on a daily basis, in which after we took our findings and threw it all onto the whiteboard. Individually, we are all pet owners. The reason why we got into this is due to the fact that we realized there are simply too many outstanding problems waiting to be solved. With that said, we aim to make this experience as seamless as it can be for each and every-one of you pet lovers out there!

Every pet is a life-form and every life deserves to be treated well, just like how we would love a significant other. Well in certain instances some things don’t go our way. Whereas for pets, we are in control, and responsible for them.

As vulnerable as they are, we have the power to change and improve their living circumstances. While you are out there working struggling for survival, your pet would be waiting by the door for your return. At the end of every single day, all they want is simply your love. Regardless of having adopted one, bought, or even both, there is no denying the fact that they provide us with endless amount of joy and warmth.

We are certain you feel the same and therefore we are a platform built for the community, sharing that joy with you! Let us spread the joy alongside you, so we can shout-out to the world on how much we adore our PETS!

As you should know by now, the industry in a nutshell, is probably one of the most commonly dabbled in, apart from running a Veterinary Clinic of course. The Team here at ThePetsDialogue aim to provide a platform where each and every single one of YOU can make that difference by contributing your experience! We believe the community deserves transparency and knowledge of true quality provided by the services in this industry. We can’t even begin to elaborate on the many times we were in search for a trusted service, ourselves.

In this journey of a country-wide sweep for all pet-related services, we have discovered a surprisingly large amount of talented, sincere service providers, that share the same love for animals and pets just like you! Here’s to sharing these wonderful individuals amongst the community and not forgetting showering them with credits with a job well done, all on one platform.